Quality Assurance

In NuteQ, every additional research, precaution and test, no matter how small, counts. After all, besides driving comfort, steering and suspension parts are key to safety. As an assurance, numerous tests are performed on NuteQ products, ensuring all form, fit and function are accordance to O.E. equivalent standards.

Breakaway Torque and Rotational Test

Breakaway Torque and Rotational Test are carried out with testing machines to determine the components are assembled within specifications consistently to ensure longer lasting life.

Endurance Test

With Endurance Test, NuteQ product undergoes determination of product life cycle in accordance to SAE J193 standards

Extreme Condition Test

Destructive Test are performed with driving a loaded vehicle over humps and potholes to ensure NuteQ products are designed to withstand extreme driving conditions.

Dust Cover Ozone Deterioration, Low Temperature and Heat Resistance Test

Dust cover prevents accumulated contaminants at the ball stud, which shorten product life span. This test puts the dust cover through various temperature conditions, salt water spray and ozone atmosphere to determine the dust cover deterioration on NuteQ products is well within specifications.

Driveability Test

NuteQ steering and suspension parts are installed onto vehicle to physically test for ‘driving feel’ and control.